With the Innity Programmatic Platform, marketers can:

Create custom audiences with pinpoint accuracy

Expand audiences instantly with precision at scale

Understand audience behavior with granular insights

Improve transparency in programmatic advertising with ads.txt

Ways to Work with Innity

Buy Programmatic, Engage Creatively

Buy programmatic inventories that are brand safe and visible, and target users with our proprietary data segments. Don’t stop there. Take it further by engaging your audience with our high-impact ads, yes, all programmatically.

Sell Programmatically

Choosing an SSP, executing the integrations with PMPs and PMDs, and managing the operations can be daunting - let us handle these, and more, for you.

  • SSP - maximize value of inventory
  • PMP
  • Header Bidding Plugin


Our team of experienced traders, will leave no stone unturned in the interest of the campaign performance. We will use a mix of the best in class buy-side technologies, audience, contextual and location data to reach the right audience. We will leverage on various types of targeting to optimize delivery and maximize performance. We got you covered.