Innity Launches Programmatic Shoppable Ads with Leading Premium Publishers in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia, 17 Dec 2020 - Innity, the leading technology provider of high impact digital advertising solutions, has launched Shoppable Ads, as part of the exclusive Digital Commerce Advertising Partnership Program with leading premium publishers in Southeast Asia. 

Innity’s Shoppable Ads offers an end-to-end shopping experience that shortens and streamlines the consumer purchase journey while providing businesses with important insights to reach purchase-ready consumers more efficiently. 

By combining Innity’s unique high impact creatives with the latest shoppable features and capabilities, Innity Shoppable Ads provide consumers with an interactive and seamless in-ad shopping experience that can dynamically showcase multiple products, complete with up-to date product details and pricing. Consumers who click on the ad will be directed straight to the brand’s checkout page to complete the transaction.

“Shoppable Ads have the ability to reduce a user’s purchase journey substantially, taking them straight from awareness to purchase. The increase in efficiency will drive ROI and keep consumers coming back for more. With the rapid acceleration of e-commerce today, mastering the potential of digital commerce has become a core strategy that advertisers should no longer ignore,” said Phang Chee Leong, ceo and co-founder of Innity. 

It is common that digital advertising traded programmatically through global marketing platforms today are predominantly using standard banners with little emphasis on interaction. More importantly, most do not support high impact creatives. Innity Shoppable Ads addresses this issue by fully leveraging Innity's SSP capabilities to offer marketeers greater viewability and engagement through programmatic and data-driven buys for high impact advertising.

Innity SSP offers premium inventory of quality content from leading publishers via leading DSPs - Google’s DV360 and The Trade Desk (TTD).

“Since its inception, Innity has consistently led the industry with its commitment in developing high-impact, engaging ad experiences. Enhanced creativity is proven to drive impact and action. Our Shoppable Ads were developed to help solve the industry's need for highly viewable, creative ad formats to break through the clutter to drive meaningful engagements,” said Phang.

To learn more about Innity’s Shoppable Ads, businesses can contact for a demo.