Innity Launches High Impact Ads That Are Available Programmatically

Selangor, Malaysia, July 20, 2015 --( Innity, APAC’s leading provider of innovative online display advertising and monetization technologies, today rolled out its latest programmatic solution offering high-impact engagement ad units programmatically – a first in the Southeast Asia region.

With this launch, advertisers will be able to execute large canvas ad units such as Site Take Over, Welcome Video, Lightbox, E-bar Video, and many other high-impact interactive formats, on premium local sites - programmatically.

Innity’s premium ad inventory will be accessible to global advertisers and trading desks through programmatic buying platforms.

Buyers can tap into Innity’s high-impact ads through all the major DSPs that are connected to AppNexus exchange and customise their reach with private marketplace deals such as audience and content deals.

Audience-Based Deals: These deals will allow buyers to target user groups based on their interests and behaviours which can be further narrowed down with recency and frequency of their visits to related content.

Content-Based Deals: These deals will be able to deliver reach and relevancy for the brands as they target groups of sites that offer high contextual relevance.

“Up until now, the programmatic market has been predominantly trading standard banner formats coupled with unappealing inventories. With this latest offering, we are able to combine the value of high impact ad units and premium inventories along with the efficiency of programmatic buying,” said Fabian Looa, coo and co-founder of Innity.

All buys will be guaranteed for brand safety using Innity's technology, manual vetting of site lists and additional checks through 3rd party verifications.

For more info, visit the website here: